Friday, July 26, 2013

Bonne-Hippie Sash

I have enjoyed working closely with brides for over 6 years.  Each and every bride has her own style and personality, which I make sure I incorporate into each piece I make.  This bride in particular, added a few touches of her own (literally) which made her bridal sash even more special.

Val is from California.  I met her a few years ago, through a common friend when my dad and I were there on holiday.  Thankfully, social media has allowed us to become more than just acquaintances. Through the years, we saw how each has grown from one life phase to another. 

Val, if you're reading this: I just want to laugh at all the silly things we had done while I was there -- wether you remember them or not hahaha. 

A fun-loving California city girl, Val has embraced a lifestyle that I admire.  She started eating healthy, practicing yoga and even began sharing her healthy recipes through her blog, Happy Healthy Hippie. This live-love-laugh lifestyle also became the theme for her one-of-a-kind wedding, which she and her husband, Zach called the LOVELYPALOOZA.  I was so in love with the theme and was so flattered that she chose my work to be a part of their big day.  

We immediately corresponded through facebook on the design of her sash and how it can fit perfectly with her vision. I started working on the applique, sewing each bead onto 3 leaf patterns by hand and attached them on an ivory organza ribbon.  Once sent to California, Val in turn, made rosettes out leftover fabric from her wedding gown. 

Hand-beaded pearl leaf applique by Bonne, fabric rosettes by Hippie Bride, Val.

The Hippie Bride 

The Hippie Couple

Missing my California Girls!

Val, I'm so happy that you and Zach were able to make your wedding dream come true! This wedding is definitely REBELLIOUS BRIDE-WORTHY!  Paging Kai and Mica :)

If you wish to see more from her wedding, check out #lovelypalooza on Instagram.

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  1. OMG Bons!!!You never cease to AMAZE me. What a wonderfully written entry! I'm tearing up from happiness and LOVE!THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!


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