Thursday, March 29, 2012

Chic Ahoy

(Top L-R) Palawan - Korea  (Bottom L-R) Cam Sur - Office

Summer is finally here! And although the weather has been quite schizophrenic lately, with sudden shifts from sunny to rainy,  I always try to wear something that can adapt to it.   A favorite piece of mine, which I take with me on hot and cool (or rainy) weather is a Bonne turban.

For urban dwellers, like me, it's the perfect piece to wear on "lazy hair days" too!

I'm also happy to share that Bonne summer head candy is featured on the March issue  of BusinessWorld HighLife.

Many thanks to fab stylist, Guada Reyes.  You can view Guada's awesome work here.

BONNE TURBANS are still available here

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Film Noir

Bonne was part of the film noir fashion feature in BusinessWorld HighLife magazine.

Thanks to the fabulous stylings of Guada Reyes.  You can check out the behind the scenes shoot on her blog.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bonne Bride Boogie!

I love themed weddings and this 50's wedding takes the cake for me:)  The lovely bride, Sam went all out with an LP as wedding invite, 3 costume changes and had headpieces made for her entourage in bubblegum pink and aqua blue.  Oddly, the pieces were inspired by Marie Antoinette, but fit the theme perfectly. You can take a closer look here.  I also love how the guests were into the whole 50's vibe by coming in full 50's attire.

Congratulations Sam and Mauie. Boogie woogie till your golden wedding anniversary!
Mother of the Bride's headpiece by Bonne.

Bonne balloon tulle skirt

Bride's entourage wearing Bonne Head Candy

Emotional Entourage wearing Bonne

Bride's reception headpiece
 Photography by Paul Vincent
Makeup by Mica Tuano-Fuentes

Bonne Bride: Rose

I have to commend the lovely lady,  Roxane Almario,  who had two headpieces made as gifts for two of her girlfriends.  She also did the DIY wedding invites and doubled as a photographer at the wedding of one of her girlfriends, Rose.  The wedding was held last March 8, 2012 in San Francisco, California.  

Here are some of the photos by Roxane:
Bonne Bridal Headpiece for Rose (left) and Angel (inside the box)

Roxane's DIY wedding invitation

Bonne Bride: Joyce

I do love to sew, in sickness and in health.

I was taken ill a few months ago and had to stay at home under complete bed rest.  The only thing I could do to keep my mind off of getting sick was read, catch up on old movies and sew (with my doctor's permission, of course).

Here is one of the pieces I made for a lovely bride who was married last February 11, 2012.  Thank you Joyce for keeping me busy in bed and for sending me your lovely wedding photos.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Meet the Rebellious Brides

This dynamic duo has been featuring unconventional weddings for the past year.

Their mission--to inspire couples to go for the wedding of THEIR dreams.

Photos by Mark Cantalejo
On Location at Pontefino Batangas
Makeup by The Makeup of Mica
Head Candies by Bonne by Bonsai Fojas
Kai's Gown by Sassa Jimenez (styled with a black cut-out top owned by Kai)
Mica's Gown by Mitzi Quelindrino Bustos
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